Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review Fujitsu Lifebook PH-521

Lightweight to carry, light also in the pocket. Plus a waterproof keyboard, this notebook is perfect for you who professionally.

AMD Fusion is increasingly finding its momentum. It is shown by the increasing number of manufacturers who produce notebooks use AMD's Fusion processors.Here we review Fujitsu LifeBook PH-521. In concept, this notebook offers the same thing: an 11.6-inch notebooks designated for your mobile.

But in appearance, Fujitsu look more flirtatious than the Think Pad. Just look at the color red that covers most of its surface. Indentation on the side of the keyboard also looks unique, and slightly disguise the thickness design of this notebook.

Thickness reaches 3.4 cm-a bit contradictory with the concept put forward mobility this notebook. Fortunately, the rigid design compensated only 1.4 kg weight, so you should easily carry it all day.

When you first use it, we were a bit disappointed to see his keyboard design that have not adopted the design of a separate button (chiclet). Maybe this is more a matter of habit, but we feel the design is more convenient to use than the chiclet design that used the meeting as Fujitsu. Moreover, some of our favorite buttons,such as Backspace and navigation, seemed small. As a result we take a long timeto get used to the keyboard.

However, because intended for professionals, the keyboard has a technology spill resistant that keeps the interior notebook when splashed by water. We spilled some water on it, and the keyboard is proven to keep the stagnant water on thesurface so easily dried.

Beyond the problem of the keyboard, use this notebook as a whole is quite enjoyable. The screen resolution is 1366x768 pixels look sharp with a natural hue.His voice is also loud and clear, which is a pleasant surprise for its diminutive size notebook like this. Sized touchpad 6.8 x3, 5 cm is relatively small, but it feels responsive to explore all corners of the screen. This notebook also provides aphysical button to turn on WiFi and Bluetooth, although the placement on the bottom side a bit difficult.

In terms of facilities, the completeness of the notebook is fairly standard. For wireless connections, there is WiFi and Bluetooth, while the cable connections are Ethernet,HDMI, and USB (3 pieces). Only 320 GB hard drive capacity, which feels a little whiletoday's notebooks are usually equipped with a capacity of 500 GB. In addition, there is no optical device in this notebook.

As for performance, this notebook is somewhat equivalent to the other notebooks that use the AMD Fusion E-350. Her ability was nothing special, but solid enough towork on standard applications. The duration of the batteries is also good, although itmust recognize the benefits of ThinkPad x120e which has a larger capacity battery.

Test Results
With almost the same components, the performance of PH-521 Fujitsu Lifebooklooks equivalent to the Lenovo ThinkPad X120e. The difference is Fujitsu's battery life is left behind from Lenovo. Understandably, the battery capacity is smaller.

Spesifikasi Fujitsu PH-521

Screen : 11,6 inch, 1366x768 pixel
Processor : AMD E350 (dua inti, 1,6GHz, 1MB L2 cache)
Memori : 2GB DDR3-PC10700
Chipset : AMD SB850
Graphic Card : AMD Radeon HD 6300
Harddisk : 320GB, SATA-II, Seagate
Sound Card : Realtek ALC269
Optical drive : No
Facilities : WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USB 2.0 (3x),webcam, card reader
Operating System : DOS
Battery : 48 Wh
Dimension : 28,5 x 20,9 x (2,6 - 3,7) cm
Weight : 1,47 kg
Warranty : 1 year
Website :

anti Spill
Although only entry-level notebook, the Lifebook PH-521 is equipped with water spill-resistant keyboard. Suitable for you who careless.

Beautiful curves 
Indentation near the hinge slightly reduce the impression of a thick notebook that was caught when she saw him from the side.

strange positionAs today's notebooks, the LifeBook PH-521 comes with an HDMI connection. Butbesides that, no extras on this notebook.

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